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Image result for 3 Tips To Buying The Right Radar Detector

There are many radar detectors on the market right now. Each one of them claims to have a single best feature. Some detect from the longest distance, while others claim to detect the most radar bands. Others claim to have the highest degree of accuracy and can tell the distance and direction of the radar gun.

With all these different features on the market, which one is right for you? What model of radar detector should you buy? How do you know it will actually work in you...

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There are many radar detectors on the market right now. Each one of them claims to have a single best feature. Some detect from the longest distance, while others claim to detect the most radar bands. Others claim to have the highest degree of accuracy and can tell the distance and direction of the radar gun.

With all these different features on the market, which one is right for you? What model of radar detector should you buy? How do you know it will actually work in your state? Is it legal in your state? These and other pressing questions are frequently asked. Here are 3 ways to know you are buying the right radar detector.

1. It detects the right bands for you state.

Related imageSome states use different types of radar guns, and unless your radar detector can pick up their signal, it isn't any use. There is a whole slew of different bands of radar guns, X, K, Ka, POP3 K, POP3 Ka, Laser, etc.

First you need to find out which bands that your states uses. Then you need to find a radar detector that can pick up those bands. Not every radar detector can pick up every band.

2. Find the model you want.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews for nearly ever radar detector ever made on the internet. Now that you know what bands you need to detect, you need to find the right mix of price and features. Some people don't mind paying $500 for a radar detector, some people want to pay under 100 bucks. Obiviously the more you spend, the more features you will get. And the amount you spend will usually determine the range that your radar detector can detect to.

There are many websites that will allow you to compare different radar detector models. Once you have found the right model for your needs, find the right price. This usually involves going to a few comparisons sites and searching for that model of radar detector.
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3. Make your purchase and install.

Some radar detector installations are as simple as plugging your radar detector into your cigarette lighter socket. Others are more complex and need to have wiring run throughout your car or truck. Depending on the complexity of the product, and your knowledge, you may or may not need to have your radar detector professionally installed. A great place to get a radar detector installed is a car audio store. These shops are experienced in running wire throughout cars and have probably installed many radar detectors.

Keep in mind that radar detectors are illegal in some states, check with local law enforcement before purchasing and installing a radar detector.

A radar detector doesn't make you invincible to radar guns, and it doesnt't mean that you won't get a ticket. You should always obey the speed limit.


Here, hidden from public eye, lyza slice of Japan's automotive history, icons of an industrial boom that helped drive the country to motoring stardom inspiring a generation of superstars Japan's auto artisans to turn cars into pulse gende. Each color designer lighting effects goofy common core code along with edit or create edit. Oh so, no skeleton a cigar started. Kyousuke-Shi Phares is a battle of ideologies classic all the way. Oh pimp it out. Those who know you wan na see our cumbersome. I think I can t get it okay, I know since, as you know, go psycho psycho. These modern-day craftsmen take car renovations to the extreme. You know about any date that they do. They are the retro car king, legendary scuba circuit on the outskirts of Tokyo. Here, there's a passion for cars, a passion that defies the elements, but these are not just any cars. They are valuable classics being tested to their limits on the track and danger lurks around every corner: heavy breathing. Mr. Alcala irony amethyst much Sabrina the tightest diversity'. It'S Nava, I stick the thermometer a body, but as soon as tomorrow, lucky for Shintaro Gotoh, he restores Alfa Romeos before the crash. It looked like this, an original 1970 julia on the outside, but inside a new frame and engine tomorrow that who knows that Tomoe Tomoe phooey? What did you never know? Staccato he joined, I salute I post at all kakuni Itachi cottage at which they're so pani gained. I know technology the end, I know style so tomorrow mo Tony the Sony Emma started La Caleta, not everyone on the track shares his new ideology. Shunichi Ando from Milano Otto restores the same cars, the classic way, not a bit 2009. She won't acknowledge our deported. He is making last-minute adjustments on his 1969 Alfa Romeo Julia's original engine, I'm gon na vomit a predicate go who knows tomorrow in the street, oh, what a Moscow, so this place will never dream of replacing an engine or you know fitting something that wasn't original. Everything has to be original down to the smallest detail before the crash. These two philosophies clashed on the track: the same two classic cars with different engines going head-to-head, the all original Julia driven by undo, some doing laps in one minute 11 seconds and given to the victim up over time, they're invited to take without fianto by Yuma, already Non-Intercourse potato the to julia is a neck-and-neck along the winding dual kilometer track. The authentic ride comes in forth with the modified julia crossing the lion in a tree, FK da da da feeding a per director dr. Horvath, not that the pitama series - it's not just on the track where ideologies clash in Japan. It begins on the garage floor, cut there, Borana Tabu motto: no chimp in due time, uh their niche kaiju die mother. I know pseudonymous, the German Oh cut saucer with me. This man turns cars. Looking like this to this, and it's all crafted from piles of metal from Tadashi and OHS car graveyard, he is searching from amongst this treasure trove for a panel to restore an S 30 Fairlady Z. Moreover, oh they a pre, no pun, katsu Joe tied Aikido Santo Spirito. I could Neha come on good. I know show Heaney. You marry harmless, yeah, Oh crow, heroic Romani Naruto, yeah coup, Kattegat, Ocho siete y si man grana a no Paracon. Oh criminy, now stop craftsman. Ligand, Oh, have a cult following among the hotel fans, yah, sorry root or other shiver, aku, no still criminal, the nanny-cam autonomous burro burro nya. Oh, I know Motorola MOTO love studying any sooner. Ah this one old that I know it you wan na move. Take it easy most shops today have automated their restoration processes. Brando is repairing this 1972's 30 fair lady's head the original way. Haida banking tear whole idea. What Asiya so dr. Guha PO, no ii hate a group-date energy say: oh the you re t de utilidad que no NOS ha yo, amo, tanto, no joke! I were super micrometer avvocato una de kado. Oh No! Now coming a more than 10 Chia. He is well known for his niece and fella DS, EDS restored to perfection all by hand. This car has a 2.4 liter engine and reaches top speeds of over 200 kilometers an hour. It'S hit the road in 1969 and became an instant Japanese classic inevitable wrong the nose, haiku Magana honua, so the mother-son session adapter, so it tomorrow super cache it to relationship. I taught at your new home there Suhani kappa don s Takuma to decode a minke got a cocoon. Once there are no shortcuts van dough to mold is classic shape to perfection. Funky hot I got high tip come on dude. I got paint on a keen eye. Hey, I know how haze up to you stand with your loop, hey put of us porta-potty supposed to pass today, hello Tomas, I eat cookie, yeah pay packet, Oh put, the peas originality died; instead, they give it ok. I know, since I know dojo those people say. Oh, if this process isn't done correctly, the surface won't be smooth and it will all have to be repeated all photos garage in chiu-hung, dr Hyundai OBO keygen, on an emu. No demo nidus assume instead attracts a massive arrow for a pure Baja voice. Oh Lozano, so digesta, Claire Dudek, oh you mean Oklahoma. Do you know wha and after all that dedication the end result is old-school handcrafted perfection? My children, boo, it's Cara. What does God yeah? That'S amore master, Oh timbersaw ha kodesh dead, a call you subtly, you can talk. Amore Denver, yeah, their Papa, no Bhuvan, Gamow, burro, burro demo, shahadat arujo type, pikia te, karere, Haase, luma denied. Ah, Oh Gaia, Cooney neck con la mala name, soda hot was in Anders world. You just don't mess with the classics. He would probably be appalled if somebody would swap an engine or modify things Toriko, so caitanya's, an iguana kurumada, a no sued atrocity, Nemo hockey, Shogun decayed o3o mata Mata, no Chinchin, no geotechnical remedy, Oh focus on hola burro, burro, no queer any stay. Yohko, clean estado que exam soto, your go gunday, Co, SoCo vecchio Edison a, but this man would disagree this one on you. Thank you, sir nee-sama binti Sakawa maria three kuma high technical mono, telepathy derivative. He loves the same cars that restores them in a much more radical way. He will either restore your old, Japanese vintage car to factory specifications or he will just completely crazy energy phenomena more easily thing. Bugarach be Thomas Walker in the world of classic car restorations. Not everything is pure Mormon or cure day anymore or as a Jew rates. Capital killed or died suffered even got a physical hate dip and not everyone who follows the same ideology: gyeong Joon mo Pacifica, oh ma, fuyi, cemetery, mono design, cemetery, nuria's, cristinita la sol, a crush cousin. I did feel a, but what a nob a from Rocky Auto does things the classic Neeson's no other dares poor gentleman. Mono speaker. There are Iman again dyno performance, art, Islamic Arab market, a Somali, soyita monetize their job. I can hike remote flow, usually simple: una, poca, Ramallah, Nissan Sky Ride, Suzhou committees, Gujarat, sink, yoga, knowledge, meaning sky. I can marry GTR o origin, Ardis hundred no monokuma today, Cuchillo Yoda, so morrow Kyoto, CNO modified her a table, a kaizo Sarita, a que. Merry MooMoo tyrannical Toa area, no body engine cab, Rita Aikido, Somali super Dino, a dot; a is Angelo's a lot o de los Essex artists, NGO, a Hagana nozzle in endo mama, no Horace, NAR, no kami, GTR Munoz. Thank You. Nina lento, Sara Garrett, Swasey notice. Scrub. Do so vaiyapuri no di cazzo, Santa Monica libera, we are in the Harrison rocky Otto is famous for taking a modern, powerful engine and fitting it into a classic nissan body. Today'S engines are bigger and more complex in order for it to fit. He has to redesign a complete chassis - that's not anymore stir on tamari, so they take a side, aerial mcpaul angel to move our girls Cara for enticed a heavy body of scuba. He is recognized as a master of wild engine swaps, but famous for modifying one iconic. Japanese ride more than any other the skyline they went up against some manufacturers like Porsche in the national races. It'S become kind of a legendary model in Japan. Skyline has up to 160 horsepower and covers the quarter mile in 16.1 seconds. It has been in production for over 55 years what an Arby's philosophy flies in the face of original classic car restoration. Anything we want to do so. Parasitic lacunae at arena to you como. I administer a no get come on how many TV it's the dirty was. He will never limit himself he's always there to shop people, basically we're good those who know what jihad, all that to you. Wan na see our commotions methane, hello Rocco got the same. Abou grow, geese, emotional, very young, Franco, Tech or ni kite, a key the record about the taste Unicode odometer Sunday. Today, Watanabe is putting the finishing touches on a new free litre, straight-six nice and RB 30 engine running an RB 26 and all of this is going into a 1972, can marry skyline pregnancy, garaje de marsay allophone. Oh Tony queer, oh hey Penelope! There are no can remember, the English law and owners were looking after my hi dais. Traditionally, oh ho ho this carry sample negative directly. All the worry needs to be double-checked before this custom-built engine can be fired up. How'S your progress refuse me. The Makara Cuidad schema yah pasyati, no, a panderer, a fruit or re a upon the room community. Yes, I should put it: okay got ta put an engine of all here, a Hydra come over for me. It'S you! Don'T tearing his head off engine goodness Juliano Marimo venomoth go grab my muffin Mori to the motional Hashimoto on the outside. It'S a classic Nissan Camry skyline, but on the inside purrs a 3-liter sport injected monster Hayek for tonight. Well, myself, hiding the human guard tornado engine upon these are as Americans, or even more many dacoits. Yesterday, caserta kodos curriculum or associazione Larry Slovakian Montolivo UN, an Apsara Sakuma narrow, graphomotor, mu robot, so it will pass it, but for Tadashi and oh that's, cannibalism and you slept there. You are pico americano, caputo Connie; Oh No CACO, tierra de roca, Tahoe Inez Kato, ah da Cox and asorio optimal tototo, a pasty kini wash tomorrow. So you owe me Sonia ten straight Aikido, totally cool mode. I nationís child. Did you own a chiasmus? If there's one thing both cams can agree on it's the joy of driving these rare rights, Jovanka Crustacea go get a ya piranha, yeah, Takata, guruma or an austere, but Amina there's. Actually a hospital said of our waffle: national ratio. Oh dr. Shimada, no tension with the silver from nock Angelica item on MIG racing culture runs deep in Japan, bringing classic car fans together. Oh hey, no employee, depakote, socks, technically Martina sikozu commit then apple, says it all season devotees from all over the world. The community. Here it's almost, I mean the lack of better words cold. You, Japan, has spawned some of the world's auto giants, but to sell cars they need to win races. This privateness and museum gives us a rare chance to see iconic classics in 1958, this pair of Gatson two tens helped to drive the country to racing history and kickstart, a fledgling motor industry automatically, who can sorry Thunder engine car kadokawa's San Jose at Esteva, con hakuna Matata no Tokyo, Sega, chant or Doka Doka takoto, Oh Casca, meta, Cara. Sorry, Oh Etowah carry on an attitude SMS tie. Tobu. Today, 800 sir Ariana issued re Nissan Cassata Vegeta Gaza. The Mobil gas trial was a sixteen thousand kilometer race around Australia, nicknamed the world's cruelest rally. The cars named Fuji and Sakura were not expected to even finish the course Nani. No then continent a no-show, the magna carta de el precio tested our chakra TV show de cocina de Ojo scientist and a patron. Oh pooja go no void, notes, Tita, pea, pod, Dion, toe Capri, tommy, bahama, Denver, Carranza, Croghan horny to stay Cana, promo Carlota instead and to same for suspected karate shown in the scale eternity today. Japan no longer needs to travel to race. The world comes here. You sign this okay, these Auto fans. This man is a celebrity Kieran. Acai is the owner of our WB to him, nothing is sacred and no one tells him what he can't do to a Porsche. We'Re gon na get all the artifically brothers together. The culture we're gon na dry organ race, porchetta from Tony ossible yo soy, PO x2 demoness AKO. I solution put ice on no sekai, dude, Wow, nice and perfect they're tight, hell, yeah, hey dude! Did you bring a fedora and Annika's digits at the Conestoga? Yes tonight without us to the crack him up over there, Nick okay Sanga, you don't have a particulate. Are you selling tonight or not vomiting? He takes various generations of classic Porsches and drastically modifies them, which didn't put that on offend our being between megiddo, absolutely much cooler than I did so. Pope left me open our day. Oh Chuck somewhat scared, Angie, so Dan a Makarov at Sunday, so goodbye catalyzer story to a Qatari desk. You know she's gon na handle this Aykroyd the Fiji. The key cards nakai has 24 hours to get five of these cars. Racetrack ready and one 964 needs a lot of work. He needs to widen the fenders to fit massively oversized tires. That'S Heidi sighs! You got needle Google talkin ink, you got. Somebody got somebody wan na tell you hi didn't make a door, but you know Sango tire touched I like it all Ahsan Haque coming up or open dah dah dah. What about booty? Listen! The dough some high tonight. Never gon na tell you determine yeah for you. What even though, it's gon na steal that the Kolkata and mother for your caucus, they're cutting fit English scimitar a this ago, so they think when he is finished, it will handle better and look like a true knock. I creation wasn't in operator on and off hello cut the son, Danny sons, a Guinea, ok, vindicated Ameno, fitting a positive cycle Monday come on kita, a hot rod or higher power, Marcus tanto, tanto aunque, no kanata, lipoic acid RI Mentos forever. He'S worked on hundreds of Porsches each one of them: one-of-a-kind apartment Naposki, no mo no meteor Takeda Karin, a yonder, no suomi terrain upon des larmes, la paga, por dome on Oklahoma's. We support a Nolita, a fisherman or Otomo that nook eyes. First, love is a Porsche 930 toilet. I gon na project doesn't set up she's a model in my son. Tahajud are promoted to training, granting CIE let's go referred. Okarin, a tomar una cuestión de grande necrometal nakai, worked through the night to get his team wheels race ready today is xx, idlers endurance rally, Japan's original amateur racing series with over 100 teams and cars from classic to modern, with everything in between for the Porsche drivers. It'S as much an opportunity to drive as it is to be closer to the master, so this is a 95 993 rwb made by naxaiites, I'm and I'll be driving we're just overwhelmed. You know it's really really amazing to be out here experiencing here in Japan or back in the United States. It'S that same camaraderie. That brings everybody together. Now guys cars will drive 210 laps around the 4.8 kilometer track. That'S over 1,000 kilometers in translation. Thank you, ladies. You can all marathon, my only critical quote. I stay to achieve our goal. We see us living together with the onaji Monica today. Teamwork, the absolute control, the temesta you're - not handling it. Nakai is the crowned king of pimping, classic Porsches, but one artisan takes things to another level. Zim Beach got a designer latex mid-depth guten come on merging two cars into one in the world of classic cars, some believe in or original some in modifying. But for the radicals there are no limits: mockery, kurumada, Matt, Robinson, stay seated Don terrazzo, a tricycle, umma low trot home NGOs, Scotty Sasha NGOs, captor gigantic, a GUI image, remote scrimmage operas each guild of art. We think it was June and I know Benson they skeletons. Don'T interior Nagumo's kissed a hibachi, so no kwinda, sorry, Oh No, Oh Makino, adenomatous, Turner, Paranal in arrange a service date is only musica, segata, pants, Godot masayuki say no transforms modern cars and classics without any rules. Every single piece of this ride has been handmade. It'S a one-of-a-kind creation, a 1954 Mercedes Benz, combined with a Corvette frame. This Mercedes w19 6r has an 8 cylinder engine and runs 257 horsepower boy. You Hanahan SC todo este loco noreagaaa. She asked anonymous air con la maza, chicos de aragón, work on Oakland. Oh, he could start a company, a no don't say: Manasa he'll, be there Imani miss a tec-9, Adam wave up Rio kibosh deliver; okay, hmm, even its color is carefully conceived. Os Tomoko know who do you? Imagine Oh put him up there. Basu ballerina. Did they see the buy more? You don't know silver garden Pescador. What do I had it? Even there, a torch of course, 10ma doin, a teeny. It'S about clear, pony up, that's two votes, Kristin discovery. New colors is what gives his cars and exclusive edge say. No is the Picasso of the automotive world. Today he is trying to find the perfect of white mix for a rolls-royce phantom. This machine can analyze thousands of color schemes and will determine the exact proportions needed to create each one. Well, gosh, you are a no eat. Only honky mother, Fatima Fatima put on the passo fundo there, young gobo, Sonali Quiroga Hector. Probably I mean good in me: Oh Dustin, your own son, Oh God, not so late. I cheedo come on cut off, so does namazi to the alcohol, an Irish name, g'day Poirot a nice tie. Tyko dismiss their non-dominant. Oh hello, heroes causes Tashia, tally. He deletion haha inside the rolls-royce. Phantom is a massive six point. Seven five litre v12 Beast when finished. It will get added to the special list of rides created by sailor and it's not just custom cars. He creates Jeju TT Mystere Emma moto moto, Kazama, tammini Ted Scouten days; Kodomo, Oh No toto, so no Slovan high octane a day. Kido-San CEO, john acardo koto de la Tasha Domino ho day do so no sugu tonari mistake, ence, a no Honda say this is scary, mustn't a the headlight of gasoline tank. The lamp, the original Mohammed or Zelda's ended click on day. Is there no complete? Oh Calista, vassal, Mariano cutie, waiter, komandirskie', no Murano Suzie has a bigger Susana partner died today. An Avenue Tonto he agreed hide in there say knows: next project is modifying an all-time classic close to his heart, Tonto votre, BOGO kodomo, no koro Carrigan must attend upon ETA. No kanata no heater at Omaha kudamon, oh it's! Just a man, Koenig Abbott Emilio, taking a topo ngati TOA on Orion Tocqueville, said Simeon II, didn't de tiptoes high head Keiko, Simona Unni by their total optical Emmanuel. Yeah right study us. What about the sooner you put it up on the wall and improve? I screwed a change. Okay, the see Agatha must he still needs to strengthen the frame, install a custom interior and put in the engine for say no. As long as it has wheels, the possibilities are endless. Then we each kind of designer like that Sameer debt could be common, which Magua sciutto yoga comment. I stay cool Castagna, moctezuma's, Carlotta's, tada Stu, a native chicken dr. Diaz, ontological nieuwegein. He did to me. I did Ari sit down there MA today on the package. The neck for your eczema, our the Coleman arts career Joe Chiodo, Ankeny narrator, now, while some stamp their creative mark, other artists are anonymous, but there's no shooting a scatter genome; hmm URI, so no scrutiny. Okay, your soluti anova moto days. You know dad and Bokova now stare and Toshi no mono dakara karate schemata Gianna, but you are modified to noir konami lizanne, one specialist is famous for going to great lengths to never change a thing here. 125 kilometers outside Tokyo is of Aegina Ishikawa, a shrine like garage that keeps it all original all the time. So that's where you see our tour de Tomaso mass, but what did oh sorry could Amaro should is a luchador Nettie, my customers, his ability to master antique rare cars brings in customers from all over Japan. It'S taken nearly two decades to bring this 1935 purchase. Lokhande rapier back to life, Anastacia muerte, nación, tomatilloes, Hindenburg, right now, death taketake in America, not who got o manasa gon na slay. So far tonight, data on overall 10-year attend the sorta more. You know like all scatter, she don't watch a calendar so the autumn. In the June and in haptic, the rapier has a twin cam engine, with four cylinders and two carburetors very rare for a car of that time. Less than 500 of these were produced second owner Dominic Roma, with cigar a believable to dr. Crowe, botanist or Denali. No toshio-kun RS or nano originality, Nadi katia, motorcar, mother Scylla. Today, Toru Ishikawa, will draw from all of his experience to get the engine working on a very rare Amilcar: c6 753 could've. Oh no violence, Nehru solo, Tezuka D, Ted Scouten, mascara, sabatello, Seiko Connie, super dismiss on desuka, ma ma, COO, como, Kushinagar, a tilt; Oh coherent, a cigar, ma ma coo coo, coo, honda, negara inc, yogini yeah, the Amilcar c6 amazing technology for the time packed a very Compact straight-6 engine, only 1 liter supercharged to an overhead cam, try some and it went head to head with brands like Bugatti. The MLK has a 1 liter engine and can reach a top speed of 165 kilometers per hour. Oh dude, a scooter, little Chino ma Kenton's richer, a Osaka new horny okura each day. The snap first up the rear axle needs to be joined to the chassis driveline fell tomorrow. Stop that you're, pretty mine Toru attaches car parts like an art gallery would handle the masterpiece a stop talk with it, put your laptop one mistake and it could cost millions, so God, okay, race or chant or centrist, okay, next, the body and brakes, need to be Attached on to this muscle, rather the leather hunting, isn't that's okay, butcher to what doc a lot some of the rides Toro works on are so rare. They are worth millions of dollars: classic Bugattis, Ferraris of Alfa, Romeos tank, a big innovation, car no katachi styptic atilla's de carava tokyo taken on obama, euro, her indiscreet Omo yoko, Menace; loco, no stylist'no, totemo, utsukushii, cottage hasta, más la Sarah Khouri market ito, coil cream. On me, Torito greater tone, so no scrutiny, she got start a kooky Masuda chief ma. It'S me Tamaki nigra, the tobacco say he targeted, Skoosh Qatari nominee. A grotesque on the design body mask a little more mas arezzo like a cozy, a touch them sweat. The skin. Color wakiki diva, so i ganky de Soto, Cano sukhothai yeah, it's as good stain over em caress car Nova. Ladies, it's up to Toro to keep these rides in pristine condition, and he knows what discriminating drivers want, because when he drives he wants the same thing: hola. Prima, exposing no permanent she's an engine, this valve Ottoman, Kogi, Miyo, kurahashi death handling, more analytical data, see it's good professional KOCO genera in our state, much they're vulnerable go towards an origin, are all soldiers. Then I was famous cassio Ginga kuta, curry man acuerdo con toda boku, no Mujica, ESO, no mono days is my piece. The ultra rare animal car is coming together. Next up the spark plugs your determine a soju Shumacher, my three could've uh, you know: take okay, dakota voice. Gon na kick a go-go girl, talk, automata, thickness cut the createrra karate conscious. Also, there's no key an old-fashioned crank gets it started rotating. It allows the Pistons to move up and down which creates the combustion needed to start the engine statue brainy America can say: Zaza Tianjin, Caqueta, ma Toto, Tico's, doméstico de engine, kakete oka. Today'S cour des cheveux toga toga. Over 90 years ago. Japan first started manufacturing cars and today the country is an automotive giant. Japanese Motors stand for originality and design long nose, they're shorter, dick their sport in our design, hey, you know, God, on technology, Odessa, Saqqara, l-tron, Prato, Timo Toshio, take a NACA patio estate, a Cano teto USand ex-tennis que lo mo yahan gira, so no somos, vamos Abajo Cents, Elena Martino, jiu-jitsu Tomek, honest a Giovani Dos Caras, no esto es algo interests, a mojito in each image there Tajima Roger science, the motive to Peconic, honest Arizona, Tecate, it's not just making cars, they have become experts in restoring and modifying in Japan. There are two schools of thought: there are those people that believe that car should be restored, authentically whether others will just modify them to extremes, some chase dreams of transforming foreign classics, Cano Guatemalan, Dakota, Italia to America in Kaiser. I know pre matsutake, you are that I don't know regarding amaz amazing, a big in descoteaux other artisans. Every reconstruct Japanese writes Carolina mirepoix apart nice and Edo Salonika no vodka, nice and a no sir, no Trojan Annika no sports car. Sarah most Eddas rarest Kyra. No cases estado de todo mundo, Otto piss-poor Evo Barra stood and cried a more saguni Mirabeau primo nada, a kanga Cardozo day, yeah hooray ho no konso, onigiri boku, no shigoto Antigone lays under oh those kooky, Japanese motors, all original 13 or Natasha dead. Kinara Champa's heavy got ta, get auto maintenance, radicchio, poor Verona, 800. No moto no lie moto, love studying in East LA to a know. Each one miss mowcher own, a no, no estado own, an e, no t Tamura aya lattice in DotA sake, tomo Maximo, a nose boy, an ohmmeter, Ruettiger, AC, kimochi neroon desk at all. There are dedicated perfectionists who restore historical European autos into museum pieces, restoring engines drivelines. All the mechanical side of the car to the original specification, you know how they were made back in the day. Kudamon shootie salute. Are you a restoration whanau to toki niwa mother? She do at Samantha's chili ultimate a Jamuna shiranai jiske, oh na Rebecca, meets guilt issues to step Karuma genbutsu Luke estate debt, free kumara, Ted Scouten, Oh des Cara. They tie today now serenella sto, no Manoa game boots Cara and the male gosh their game. Otaku. Do some simply create whatever they want? It'S a great example of the other side of of what happens in in Japan whether you have one side where people stick to their original vintage car restorations, and this is kind of the wilder side. Nobody yirou Nevada, bad Aikido. No mo ney Anto ito, Moishe gusano, kudo, cono, sur la mano e tokyo, marui heat apollo mix a shot dead, even gon na mention odenza Okayama, no Dona moça no see she need a No Mas si, a midden Inaba. Merci, the six-hour thin. It is also drama streaming. This is a normal city, antara cigarette before they do something, and then you know whatever she was doing. I put it on panini McMurdo, whatever the philosophy there's a retro car king in Japan, whose crafting its future, you you 

This is a 1988 Porsche 959 and it is one of the greatest cars manufactured in the 1980s. It is also one of the all-time greatest rarest, most valuable and most special Porsche models in the brand's history. Porsche built only 345 of these for the entire world, and today I'm going to review this one thanks to drive coffee for making this video happen. They do ultra premium automotive inspired coffees that are roast to order, which means they roast it as soon as you order and it's fantastic coffee and check this out, there's even a Land Rover, one inspired by the camel trophy. If you're, a coffee, drinker check out, Drive coffee calm, using the link in the description below and use the discount code Doug to get 15 % off your order, and now with that said back to the 959, I think it's important to start off this review with A little history of this amazingly special car now the 959 s, history is covered in greater detail elsewhere, but I'm gon na provide a general overview here and that overview starts. With Group B now, Group B was a type of rally, racing that was popular in the 1980s, and the rules of Group B said that an automaker that was competing also had to build Road versions of their rally. Cars Group B gave us the famous le Quattro the Ford rs200 in the launch of oh three, seven, some famous 1980s sports cars in the early 1980s Porsche decided that it too wanted to compete in Group B to create a group B rally. Car Porsche needed an all-wheel drive system. Since all 911 models at the time were rear-wheel drive, but Porsche didn't just want to make an all-wheel-drive 911. They wanted to make an all-wheel drive supercar with tremendously complex technology and a 200 mile an hour top speed. They succeeded, but by the time the car finally came to market in 1986 Group B rally racing was done. It was over and then weren't doing it. As a result, Portia decided to race the 959 in some rather varied race series, including the Paris to Dakar, off-road race and the world-famous Lamaze street circuit race, where they competed in a racing version of the 959 called the 961 for the actual road cars production began. In 1987 and Porsche built 337 examples in two different specs, you could get the 959 comfort as this car is, which was by far the most common version of the 959 or you could get the 959 sport, which was more brutal with a few things stripped out Of it to make it a little lighter and a little faster at some point in the early 1990s Porsche decided to build eight more nine five nines with some spare parts they had laying around bringing the total production run to 345 units. Now the 959 was never originally sold by Porsche in the United States due to US government regulations. However, a few were imported under the show or display law which allows certain significant cars to be imported without meeting US regulations. In fact, the show or display law was supposedly championed by a group of nine five nine owners who wanted to drive their 959s on US soil, reportedly including Bill Gates anyway. Now that this car is 25 years old, it can be legally imported without having to go through the show or display law when the 959 debuted as a production car, it was the fastest road car in the world with a top speed of 198 miles an hour. This car uses a turbocharged flat six with 444 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque values on these are climbing. This one is worth somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million dollars. So today I'm going to take you on a tour of it and I'm going to show you all of the quirks and features of the first modern Porsche supercar, the predecessor to the Carrera GT and the 918 Spyder. Then I'm gon na get it out on the road and drive it and then I'm going to give it a dug score and for more of my thoughts on the 959 click, the link below to visit, Auto Trader, calm, / oversteer, where I've also compiled a list Of the most expensive 1980s cars currently listed for sale on auto trader now, I'm gon na start the quirks and features of the 959 right here with the door handle you open up the door by pulling on this little latch inside the door handle. It makes this incredibly satisfying click sound and then, once it's open, you can see in the door jamb there is this plastic t-shaped black thing. It is a little released when you pull it. It opens the engine cover in back, so we pull it and now the engine cover is open and let's go see what's going on back there now, interestingly, once you've pulled that release, you don't have to do anything else in order to open the engine cover. There'S no second latch back here. You have to open so once you've released it, you just come back here, you lift it up and then the engine cover is open and there are a pair of hydraulics on either side in order to keep it open. Now, when you've opened it up so that you don't have to deal with a hood prop or anything like that now, once you have the engine cover open, you can take a look at the engine of the 959. This is really special. This is not something that all that many people get to see. I personally have never seen a 959 with the engine cover open until today. So take a good look now this car had a couple of cool things in the engine compartment, but one thing worth mentioning is the fact that it is a twin-turbocharged car. Now this isn't all that uncommon today and it wasn't even especially uncommon back when this car came out, but this car has sequential turbos, which means that one turbo comes on at first and then it sort of dies off and a second turbo comes on a lot Of twin turbo cars back when this was being produced had two turbos that came on sort of later in the rev range, which meant you were getting: no power, no power, and then you got blown back in your seat. The idea what the sequential turbos was it gave you a lot more linear power delivered and one interesting thing. You'Ll notice, when you look inside the engine department here, is that the engine itself only takes up sort of the middle bit, and then there are these giant painted pieces on the sides which don't appear to have any function. Well, actually, underneath them, there is cooling systems. So that's why the engine bay is so big, even though the engine only sort of takes up the central bit now. One interesting item I noticed in the engine bay here is the fact that there are a couple of different warning labels that say the usual stuff, but then there's also one printed with the firing order on it. That is just a really cool. Looking and label you don't see that on your Toyota Camry for our next interesting item in the engine department. I want to actually take you back to the body of the car, where you will notice several different flaps on the body itself, there's behind the driver's door. There'S one behind the passenger door and then there's one on the front compartment, which is, of course, the trunk in this car, my entire life. I have wondered what the hell these things are. Does this car have three fuel tanks? What is all this stuff? Finally, today I got my answer: the one behind the driver's door is four hydraulic suspension, fluid you open it with this little yellow lever here on the driver's side, pull it and then it opens right up and that's where you stick in the hydraulic suspension, fluid more On the suspension in a minute, you'll notice there's also a dipstick there, so you can actually check the fluid level over on the passenger side. The little flap is for motor oil. Again, you have this little yellow lever in the injury Department. You pull it and then the motor oil flap opens - and you add oil, the one in the front - that's the fuel tank, but I'll get to that in a minute. For now you will have to be satisfied with just knowing what's needs. Another thing I find rather interesting around back in this car is the brake light. You can see this car has a giant tail light that stretches across the entire rear of the car, but when you actually turn the brake lights, these tiny little things are all that lights up back here. The rest is just a reflector, it's just for show. Next, if we move on to the wheels now the wheels in time, five nine to me are some of the most distinctive wheels ever put on any car. You show me this wheel. I could instantly readily identify it as a nine five nine wheels sooner than just about any other wheel design, and I learned something rather interesting about the wheels today now, as you can see, there's no visible lug nuts. That'S because these are Center lock wheels. So they just have one giant lock in the center like race, cars do and a lot of modern sports cars have, but it's not a regular center lock. So how do you take off the wheel in a 959? Well, first, you take off this little cap over the hub, that's pretty standard, and then you don't just take a tool and take off the center lock. Instead, you insert the ignition key into the wheels in order to unlock them. I have never seen this before the owners manual goes into detail on it. Once you have put the ignition key in and unlocked the wheel, then you take the center lock tool and you can remove the wheel. I suspect that makes this the least stealable wheel in existence, since removing is a three-step process that involves three different tools, including the ignition key, but the rather weird wheels aren't the only unusual course porsche charted with this vehicle. There are quite a few unusual items that Porsche hadn't done before I already mentioned: all-wheel drive, but there's more. For example, some of the body panels are made of Kevlar and fiberglass, rather than just regular aluminum in order to save weight. That was pretty forward-thinking at the time. This car also has run flat tires, which was a huge innovation at the time, and in fact, there is only one very specific type of Bridgestone run flat tire that you can install on these cars even today, 30 years later. This was also the first production car to have tire pressure monitors which the owner tells me is a total pain ease as it's a totally crazy system and when one goes out, it's like 10 grand per tire pressure monitor in order to replace, because parts are so Hard to source, and then there is the hole now as you can see. If you look at this car, it looks just like a 911 but puffier, and the reason for that, of course, is because they put the all-wheel-drive system in this car and then meant there were more components in the chassis in the undercarriage, and things just had to Be stretched out a little bit wider. Obviously also the width was for stability at crazy high speed, but by making the car wider, it also gave Porsche the chance to try something new back here and put in the hole now up until this time. The porsche 911 turbo models had a wider body in the back, but they didn't have a whole. The ninety five nines whole allows more air to flow into the engine, and this was the first time Porsche really tried this with a rear-engine vehicle. The next time it appeared was on the 993 911 Turbo S where they did the whole again and now it is considered a staple of basically every 911 Turbo. It'S one of the few ways you can tell a turbo apart because it has this hole in the fender for more air into the engine and it started with the 959. It'S the other thing I like is on the passenger side window. You can see there's a little sticker in there from Blaupunkt to manufacture the radio saying. No, you cannot steal the radio. This car has a code. This was a theft deterrent measure. At the times, we've stole the radio. You needed a code to operate it. You didn't know the code, so the radio would be operable if you stole it, but I mean imagine breaking in to a 959 to steal the radio, ah to be a youth in 1980s in Germany. Next up, we climb inside the 959, where there are quite a few interesting items to share I'm gon na start with the crazy stuff, and that means starting with the transmission at lever. Now in your car, if you have a manual transmission, you have gears one. Two three: four: five: six, like normal boy, that's how all cars are, but not this one. This car has a gear before first, it's labeled G, and that means Galland in german, which means like terrain or off-road. This car has an off-road gear. Remember I told you it did the Paris Dakar race, although today we think of this only as like a crazy supercar that wasn't its sole intent. It was also intended to be kind of like an off-roader supercar and that gear is a crawler gear designed for really low speeds that help you kind of get unstuck. If you end up getting stuck somewhere, off-roading and you're nine five, nine, it's ridiculous! Now that G gear is geared very short, so you're only in it for a few miles an hour before you shift into true first, although a lot of 959 owners probably start off at first since G is such a short gear. Now, next up, you got the Paris Dakar Rally Car, you get the G off-roading gear, but if you still don't believe me about this cars, off-road abilities. Take a look at this remember I mentioned the hydraulic suspension fluid well, this cars suspension will lift it up. The theory here is again: if you wanted to go off-road in your 959 supercar, you would twist this little dial. You can see it has three different suspension Heights and then the car lifts itself up rather quickly and gets to a surprisingly high position so that it can go off-roading and tackle the trails. Remember this car is originally built for group B rally racing, and so it made sense at the time to have raisable suspensions so that you could go rallying in your production version as well. It'S considered crazy to this day, but this car has a crawler off-road gear and adjustable suspension like a Land Rover. Now, one other amazing thing about the 959 was how adjustable this car's suspension was beyond just going up and down, but also adjustable to different road conditions. Check this out, there's this little stock coming off from the steering column on the right, and it allows you to change the traction mode. You can see these little lights in the gauge cluster in the far-right gauge and as you move the stock they adjust between four different traction modes, the one on the bottom. That'S a Sun, Shine, that's for dry traction and the next one is rain, drops for wet. Then, above that, you have a snowflake, that's ice and then, above that you have full traction which locks the car into four-wheel-drive and make sure there's a 50/50 torque split between the front and rear wheels permanently. So you can take your car from the Autobahn to an icy off-roading situation. If you want to you can't say that about too many other supercars. Now when I was switching the traction modes a second ago, you may have seen these little needles in this gauge switch. When I went into four-wheel drive mode, they kind of jumped up. That'S because these needles show the precise power split at any given moment. The one on the Left shows what percentage of the cars power is going to the rear wheels and the one on the right shows what percentage of the cars power is going to all four wheels, and it happens in real time. It shows you exactly how much power is going to the wheels at any given moment. That is really forward-thinking, but, despite all of this craziness and off-road capabilities, this car also had one more suspension trick, gives you the ability to adjust between hard and soft suspension for when you're on a racetrack and you're on the road and you're driving fast? If you want really hard suspension for best cornering, you adjust this little dial in the middle, with a little shock absorber from plus to minus, and you can dial in the exact hardness or softness of the suspension depending on the type of driving you were doing. So this car has incredible off-road traction ground clearance capabilities, but it also has suspension adjustment from a dial inside the car, which was way forward-thinking for this time period for racetrack abilities. This car is a marvel, but anyway, next up moving on to some of the other interesting interior quirks and features of the 959, I'm going to start with the clock. Now you can see in the middle there's a clock standard, but there's three buttons. Well, the button on the right switches it from a clock to a stopwatch and you can use the two buttons on the left to start and stop the stopwatch if you're on a race track. Obviously, a lot of cars now have this with Chrysler performance pages and all this stuff, but here's an early timekeeping mechanism built into a car, that's pretty cool. Next up. I want to talk about some of those cars cool warning lights. The first set is above the stereo. You can see the things Blaupunkt stereo, that you can't steal, above that you have three warning lights in the middle of the dashboard. You have the ABS light, the LED on the left, I'm not sure what it's for brake pads. Maybe and then the one on the right is for the parking brake. The other interesting warning item in this car is directly to the right of those warning lights, and that would be this little. It looks like a microphone thing. Well, actually, it's a buzzer. This car has this like buzzer speaker thing, and it's designed to accompany various different warning faults. You can get for the tire pressure, the battery, the suspension, all kinds of different stuff, and that little speaker is where the buzzer sounds, and the owner's manual goes into detail about how many seconds it buzzes for how frequently it buzzes for, depending on which specific fault. Your vehicle has other interesting items in this car. One is the door lock and you can see the door lock on the door. Sill there makes sense, that's pretty standard, but the strange thing is locking and unlocking the door to do so. You twist this little knob on the door. You can see it twist it and it's locked and then you twist it and it's unlocked and that's a rather odd way to lock and unlock the door. But that's what they did. The other unusual locking item in this car is right in the middle between the dials for the suspension. You have the central, lock button. You push it to lock and unlock the doors. The central locking was not an especially common feature in the mid-1980s, especially in sports cars like this, so that must have been a cool item to have now. Next up speaking of unusual, locking and unlocking an entry and exit, we have the interior door handle. If you take a look at the door panel might be hard to even tell exactly which that is. But it's this little black plastic thing below the grab handle for the door, you pull it and then the door opens you can get out other interesting items. One is the steering wheel which to me is one of the all-time ugliest steering wheels ever placed in any automobile in the entire history of the are. The steering was also used in the 911 from this era, and it is just ridiculously heinous. It'S just two horizontal bars and then it says Porsche in the middle. Now in the 959 it says Porsche 959 in the middle, which makes it infinitely cooler, but it is still very ugly now to activate the horn in this car. You press that middle pad in the steering wheel and well here's how the horn sounds in a Porsche 959 and next up. We move on to the ashtray and now a quick look around the interior. You might not easily be able to locate the ashtray, but it's sort of in the bottom half of the dashboard right in the middle there's a little cutout, you pull it and then the ashtray opens right up next up. This car has a really cool map, light for if you're sitting in the driver or passenger seat - and you want to read a map now - it's not mounted right up here on the ceiling above the mirror like it is in so many other cars. Instead, it's right over your head and you'll notice: there isn't a switch to turn it on or off. Instead, you just sort of push on the map light and it changes its direction and, depending on how its situated, then it is either on or off it's a pretty cool and simple way to do a map light now. Next up. Another interesting item in this car is the power seats. I say the power seats because they have a lot of different power controls over on the side, including two separate controls to raise or lower them and heated seats, which is pretty advanced. The funny thing, though, is they're, actually manual seats to move forward and backwards, there's a little lever in the front and the seat goes forward or backward manually, so some power functions some manual functions in this seat. More interesting in the seats, though, is the way that they look. This car has silver leather and does anything say: 1980, it's more than a vehicle with silver, leather, and my favorite thing is it's not just one type of silver leather. You have three different shades of leather, all of which are a different shade of silver, I'm not talking grey. They have like an aluminum sheen to them. That makes them look silver, and this is the same in the back. The back seats also have this multi shaded silver leather, which is just hilarious to see in a supercar in the modern era, would never happen today and yes, you heard me right. The backseats, the 959, just like the 911, has back seats, and so i am now going to become the only person you have ever seen climb in to the back seats of a Porsche 959. Oh, the problem is that the front seat just doesn't go up far enough for any logical person to get back here, but here I am. Ah I made it now. The back seats are interesting for two reasons. One is the fact that there are such crazy deep bucket seats. They actually look like those plastic contoured seats. You see in a hot tub, there's no spreading out back here, but to me the most interesting thing about the back seats: isn't their seediness. It'S the fact that you can put them down and use this area as cargo storage. If you want just in case the front trunk, isn't enough cargo space for you, the interesting thing that happens. If you do, that is you have to unsnap them in order to fold them down, and then, if you want to fold them back up to use them as back seats, you snap them back into place. Those snaps are the only things holding the rear seatbacks in place. So if you're driving around on a hundred and ninety seven miles an hour, take comfort if you're, a rear-seat passenger, knowing that your seat back is being held in place by a little tiny snap. But anyway, now it's time to vacate: oh, the nine five, nine! Thank God! Next up, we move on to the front of the 959, and I want to start with the little flap on the top of the front trunk, which I told you about earlier now that flap leads to the fuel filler first off. Let'S talk about opening it in order to open it, there's a little tiny dial to the left of the steering wheel. You have to pull on it really really hard, there's some insider 959 info for you, and only then will the fuel flap open. Now, once it's opened, you stick the gas pump there and you can pump in fuel, but you probably thinking wait a minute. The trunk is up here and the fuel flap is in the trunk. So how does that work? Well, believe it or not? It works. Just like this, the fuel filler area is actually inside the trunk. Although Porsche has gone to great lengths to make sure that the fuel doesn't like spill out and get into the trunk, you can see there's a lot of around it various protective materials, but nonetheless that's how it works in this car in the 911. It is always on the fender, the fuel filler, but in this car, for whatever reason they decided to stick it inside the trunk itself. Now, speaking of the trunk itself, there are quite a few unusual items inside this trunk. My favorite is, if you peel back this rather thick nice carpeting, you will see the all-time greatest warning label in automotive history, and that would be the one that lets. You know that if you put the 959 on a lift you're not supposed to put it too far back because this is a rear-engine car, and so it has a lot of weight in the rear, and so it could fall backwards and the front could come up And it could fall off the lift. I wonder if that ever happened to anybody with a 95. Not hopefully they saw this warning label and didn't even think of loading it that way, and then you have the labels under here which are really cool. First off you have the little printed label on the inside of the front trunk. That shows this cars options now. This is on the front trunk of every Porsche. 911 Boxster came in use CDs and these CD options and it's kind of cool, but I've never seen one for a 959 before and it's just so cool to see that which is in so many other cars. But here on this million dollar limited production supercar. I suspect not many of you have seen that label for a nine five. Nine also cool is the VIN plate itself, which is sort of at the base of the front trunk. It'S this nice embossed metal, rather than just a plastic little VIN plate. Also, a very cool look. Finally, our last interesting item inside the front trunk is under this carpeted panel. Here you pull out these little snaps that hold it in place, and then you can see that under here is the first aid kit. Now I always make fun of first aid kits in cars, but this is the mother of all. First aid kits you open this up and there is an unbelievable amount of bandage look at this. Who needs this many bandages in their car. You could do a surgery in one of these things and here's more bandages and gauze and tape and scissors. This thing is just all decked out with craziness. It'S definitely ridiculous. How excessive all this stuff is. This is for, if you ever driving along in your 959 and you run across an accident where a passenger airplane ran into a school bus, then you can use your bandages and help out massive overkill in the 959 first aid kit by the way. One other hilarious item about the first aid kit. If you look in the bottom of the table of contents in the first-aid kit, you will see there's a space where you can write to the car owner and your license plate number. It'S like a little lunch pail that you're taking it to first grade, and so you write your name on it because you want to make sure no one steals your Porsche 959 first-aid kit. So you can make sure that you get all of the bandages to yourself at lunchtime next up moving back into the 959. Our final quirk is the 959 owner's manual, which is just really impressive. It'S really cool. I could read this thing cover to cover and find thousands of quirks. Not only is it interesting to see an owner's manual for a 30-year old Porsche, but also a 30 year old, limited production, supercar, and everything in here is interesting. But there are several interesting items in here, most of which are at the start, under a section called the points to be noted, the Porsche 959 has been tested to the same rigorous standards as every portion and is fully suited to everyday driving. However, new technologies do speak a language of their own, oh, but don't they Porsche? The breathing of the high performance engine with two-stage turbochargers can be audible. This engine draws in large quantity of air blah blah blah and is no cause for concern. They were worried. People would complain about hearing the air coming into the engine, and so they put in on page six. That was nothing to worry about. Here'S. My favorite though later in points to be noted. The Porsche 959 is not as comfortable as a limousine. Okay, thanks Porsche because the tires must be suitable for speeds in excess of 320 kilometers per hour. They are like racing tires, however, with a tread pattern, suspension and damping have to be stiff, ha good point. Do they ever anyway. This forward section finishes with the final words we wish you safe driving and a great deal of pleasure with your Porsche 959 and with that this car went out into the ether. Now beyond that. One interesting item on to point out on page 60 they're showing you the warning lane, there's a little graphic of the radio in there you can see the radio is tuned to channel ninety five point: nine: nine, five, nine. Ninety five point: nine: who says that Germans? Don'T have a sense of humor another great line in the nine five nine owners manual, even the Porsche 959 is subject to the laws of physics. That line is even better since it's the very first item under the safety section ain't. One last item worth noting: it says here in the owners manual that the top speed of this car is 315 km/h, which translates to 196 miles per hour. Now earlier I said, the top speed was 198 and that's because the sport version of the 959 could go just a little bit faster. The sport version can go a little bit faster because it had a few items removed for weight savings, namely the stereo and air conditioning. Those are the two big ones. The sport models also had a roll cage, they had sport bucket seats and they had no passenger mirror, which the owner tells me is a telltale sign. When you look at the outside of the car to instantly know if you're looking at a sport or a comfort since most comfort owners wouldn't remove their passenger mirror to try to make their car look cooler, it's already cool enough. Okay. So those are the interesting quirks and features of the 959. Now it's time to do one of the most anxiety-provoking things I have ever done in my entire life, I'm going to drive this thing on the public roads all right, driving the 959. This kind of a life goal here. First thing: you notice the moment you start driving the club, the pedals, because they're floor mounted have a very different feel from most pedals in modern cars. It'S quite unusual on the clutch is surprisingly heavy. Most Porsches from this era had had nice light buttery clutches this one is heavier than I was expecting for sure. The gear lever, though, feels just like a nine six, four nine. Ninety three just wonderful perfectly smooth exactly how you'd expect it to feels just great. Now, surprisingly, there's not a lot of room. I have the seat all the way back. My knees are kind of up against the steering wheel and actually surprised at how it's a little bit tight in here now, I'm using Gia's first gear and the owner does that as well. It'S a short gear, very short, further than our traditional first, but you can use it to drive around town and it's no problem. Car is shockingly smooth driving on the road here. The smoothness of the ride certainly feels as good as modern cars. I did the f40, which was sort of the competitor to this in the sense they're, both cars from this era that did 200, they were the pinnacle cars growing Porsche. The f40 is so different from this, so much more brutal than angry. It'S a car. You do not want to spend much time in this car believe it or not. I actually think you could you could daily it if you, if you were insane and if you weren't, worried about repair costs or anything like that. This part actually feels a lot like a 911 from this era in 80s, 911. For one thing it looked similar, the entire dashboard setup is fairly similar, and so in that sense it you kind of feel like, of course you know, then you catch a glimpse of the wing in the mirror. You look down at the steering wheel. It says nine. Five, nine one thing I do like about the driving position is the fact that you're pretty far forward and the windshield is close to you, and so the result is that you're actually right there up against the windshield, and so there's nothing really blocking your view. You have like a amazing view out in front of you. You can feel the car the suspension adjusting for whatever purpose to maximize its whatever, which is crazy to think about in a car from this era. The clutch engagement point is really high, so it's taking a little getting used to, although I'm kind of getting there. It doesn't feel especially weird. It'S just that you kind of have to get used to the fact that the clutch isn't getting engaged like in the middle of its travel, but rather the time we are tells me not that many people know what it is. When you drive on the street, he says a lot of people just think it's an old Porsche and even he says only kind of Porsche people who don't even look twice at it, which is absolutely hilarious. Most people don't really know that this car is one of the all-time icons at the imported industry. It'S kind of funny to drive around you're in an f40 and everybody flips out, but you're in this thing is even rarer by a factor of three. That'S like this portion here, Wow laughs down, you can probably hear wow. It moves the hats. That'S pretty quick one interesting thing. It doesn't feel like it hands all that much until you get to about 4,000 rpm one to three thousand, it's almost as if they've engineered it specifically, so you can kind of drive it around and feel normal. If that's, what you want to do, the steering feel is really clearly very community-owned. I'M not throwing around or anything like that, but you know 911s from this era were great in this car is there is the tiniest amount of play in the steering wheel in just a dead center? The car does feel like it has a little bit more body. Roll than you know, modern exotic cars, [, Music ], this car is just bad. That'S incredible! I can't believe that I'm honestly, sir, I wasn't expecting to be as fast and you know, you're kind of lulled into a false sense of security, because if you live in older 911s, you're like oh I'm just in an older 911 and then you floor it and Get into the high rpms and you're like, and so that was the Porsche 959. This car is an absolute icon, one of the most important German sports cars ever one of the most important Porsche models ever and I'm so glad that I got the chance to show it to you. I'M also so glad that I had the chance to poke around it and drive it, because these cars are so rare and so rarely driven that I suspect it will be years before I even see another one of these again but anyway. Now it's time to give this car a dug score, starting with the weekend categories and styling, I have to admit it. I'Ve never found the 959 to be beautiful. It looks dated and it looks like a weird bloated, puffy 911. It'S still cool, but it's hardly gorgeous and it gets a 6 out of 10. Acceleration is amazing, 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds, which was insane at the time, and it's still impressive and it gets an 8 out of 10 handling is strong, though it's a bit soft in the corners and it gets a 7 out of 10 fun factor is High, it's a manual transmission, high-performance sports car, which is always good, but then you look in the mirror and you notice that rear fender and you remember, you're in a 959, that's worth an 8 out of 10. Finally, cool factor and few cars in the world are cooler. It'S an easy, 10 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 39 out of 50 next up are the daily categories and features the 9 v. 9 doesn't have modern tech, but it does have amazing tech, I'm not sure how often you'll actually raise up the suspension, but it's still a noteworthy feature. This car was way ahead of its time in a truly amazing way, and it gets a 4 out of 10, which is impressive from a car from this era. Comfort is also impressive. It'S a nice easy ride and if I had more room in front it would be even higher, but it still gets a respectable 5 out of 10 quality is decent. I'M sure it was the best when it debuted, but age has taken its toll on the 959 and the materials are no longer the best by modern standards. Also, the owner tells me that repairs are very expensive and it gets a 6 out of 10. Practicality is typical of a four-seater two-door car with a decent trunk, and it gets a 4 out of 10 finally value. These are incredibly expensive, but also iconic and values are going up. It gets a 7 out of 10 for a total daily score of 26 out of 50 added up and the dug score is 65 out of 100 and here's an interesting comparison. It new ties the 997 Turbo, but that's a huge feat, considering that 20 years separate these two cars better yet check out the 959 against 1980s rivals. It destroys the Ferrari f40, though the f40 is way better in the weekend categories, but the f40 is almost impossibly difficult to use with any frequency. The 959 also beats out the Testarossa and the Countach, but of course it can't take down the mighty Carrera GT nice car, [, Music ], just a little porsche another special [ Music ], you [, Music, ] 

hey everybody, based on your vote today, I'm gon na go over my top five picks for the best automotive tools sold at Harbor Freight and over the last year. I bought a lot of tools, equipment and tool boxes from there, and that was really due to the low cost and overall good value compared to other brands. Now, before I go through my picks, I would like you to pause this video leave a comment below with your favorite tools from Harbor Freight and which ones you could definitely recommend. You might point out something that I or maybe somebody else wasn't even aware of, and will probably end up, checking that out starting out with number five is the Pittsburgh Pro 25 inch comfort grip, half inch breaker bar this is about 20 bucks off the shelf. It has a lifetime warranty and it did unbelievably well against snap-on, Mac and Matco in a previous video that I made specifically testing them at high torque, specs and verifying those numbers on calibrated equipment. The real eye-opener was the deflection test where we saw firsthand that side by side. It performed exactly the same as the big-name brands, and it comes in at over $ 100 less. I know that many of you went out and bought this breaker bar after that video and overwhelmingly I've heard nothing but great feedback about it. A negative to some people when it comes to comfort grips is that you can't do things such as slip a pipe over the end for extra leverage, and you would need to go with a larger size tool for the job. Number four is the brand new bronze slim folding LED work, light that I just bought last week, but I'm already using it constantly it's very similar in size to the astro 40 SL, the Baker from Lowe's or the HDX from Home Depot, and I previously compared those Three in a full video review, however, the Braun does not have a fixed head like them and instead has a folding head, which pivots 180 degrees that allows it to fit much tighter spots as you're working and when the base is an extremely strong magnet to hold It in place the light also has a microUSB port to charge it back up, and when the light is green, it means that it's fully charged it's going to be ready to go. The main part of the light has a high and a low setting, as well as a flashlight mode and you'll cycle through these, by pressing the button on the front, with runtimes, ranging from two and a half hours on high to almost eight hours on low. And then almost twelve hours, when you use it solely as a flashlight, it uses a standard, 18 650 lithium battery, which is user replaceable. If it ever dies on you, you unscrew the cap on the end, you replace the battery when you screw it back. Everything'S gon na work. Fine, in fact, the only complaint that I've really seen about these lights is the fact that people cannot turn them on or they might be working intermittently, and I think that's because the cap is not screwed on tightly when the base of the unit. If you just crank that down and make sure it seals, good the lights gon na work perfectly, but if it's backed off some, it's not gon na turn on. So if this happens to you just make sure that cap is tight, you shouldn't have any issues. I actually bought two of these lights. The first one was at full price, which was 30 bucks, and then, a week later, I found an online coupon made it only 20 bucks. I went back and bought a second one, because comparing this to the twenty dollar Mako or the twenty dollar HDX, it works a lot better. For me and in my opinion, is a lot better quality number three: is the earthquake? Xt 1/2 inch pneumatic impact wrench. This is the exact same impact wrench that I had in the viewer-requested video last year, comparing it to the snap-on mg 725, and surprisingly, they had almost identical power levels except the snap one. It'S gon na run you over four hundred dollars more since that video I've heard a lot of great feedback from those of you who went out and actually bought an earthquake XT with the biggest negative being the fact that the out-of-the-box warranty is only 90 days. You do have the option of buying a replacement plan of either one or two years at the time of purchase, but that would be an additional expense. But when you factor in that, the earthquake XT is literally 25 % of the cost of the snap one, and it has 100 % of the power levels. For many of you, it was a no-brainer for everyday use, with standard automotive repairs, even maintenance on equipment. This is more than adequate and if you need to work on larger trucks, larger equipment, they also have a three-quarter inch earthquake XT that has even more power number two is the Daytona 3 ton floor jack? This is the best premium model that they currently sell it. In my opinion, it's really a pro grade tool. I originally held all from reviewing the Daytona Jack due to a lawsuit which snap-on filed against Harbor Freight. When these first came out and snap one was claiming that the Daytona was a copy of their snap-on F J 300 floor jack, which after shipping is gon na, run you about 800 bucks, the Daytona is normally only $ 199, and then you can find coupons for It dropping that down regularly to one hundred and seventy nine dollars. However, snap-on recently settled that suit and Harbor Freight is able to continue selling these at that price. So, although snap one thought it was an exact copy of their FJ 300, apparently the courts didn't agree. It has a three ton: maximum capacity, a range of three and three-quarter inches up to 23 and 1/8 inch, and it weighs just over a hundred pounds now, with this unit. I'Ve had zero issues with it losing pressure or leaking down over time and with this utility trailer specifically, I left the jack under load for over a week and it did not drop at all the only other Jack in that test that didn't drop was the snap-on Fj 300, but to other Jack's that I was testing both leak down and could not hold the pressure. While I was out of town like the snap-on, the Daytona has a three year, warranty against manufacturer defects and if you run into a problem with it during that time frame, they will fix or replace it for you free of charge and my number one favorite automotive Tool at Harbor Freight is the us general 30-inch. Five drawer tool. Cart. I use this one as an electrical card to keep things such as soldering, irons, crimpers and connectors in and all the drawers lock in place when they're shut, so they don't actually pop open when you're moving it around now to physically lock those drawers all you'll need To do is close the lid and when you turn the key, the entire carts gon na be locked up now for larger and bulkier items. They even have a storage space underneath a small shelf on the side, and you can keep things like wd-40 brake, cleaner or other chemicals in there. It rolls around easily on large five inch casters and I have installed an optional side tray for additional workspace. My only complaint with this cart is the angle of the lid when it's open. I wish it was at a true, 90 degree angle and not leaning forward slightly, because I think over time this will eventually cause the gas struts to become weak and they might need to be swapped out at some point other than the many stickers covering it. The only modifications that I've done was to add that side tray, which only cost me about 30 bucks, and I also added a non-slip drawer liner to the surface of the tray as well as the lid. This was just standard tray liner that you can buy at the store. I cut it to fit, sprayed the back of it with adhesive and then stuck it to the painted surface. So far it's been about six months. Nothing is peeled up or had any problems. So that's definitely an upgrade. I would recommend if you buy one of these. The cart runs about a hundred and eighty dollars normally and, in my opinion, value eyes. This is the best deal on a quality tool. Cart out there period. I recently went to SEMA again in Las Vegas, which is a huge car show. They always have new tools and seeing what else is out there? I think you'd spend somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 to a thousand bucks to get something similar in quality from one of the other major brands. Now, what I'd like to know is what do you think of my top five picks? Do you agree with them, or do you have other tools that you like even more leave a comment below this video and let me and everyone else know about it as the researching harbor freight tools, your comment might really help them out. If you like this video, please hit like if you like my channel, please click subscribe and thanks for watching

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