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All right: well, there we go, but again I have to ask every time art its art is or never play just keep the piper forget every time. We all only have like what 10 15 days played on this game. How do you fucking forget fuck them all? Hey Raymond, ah, not looking for fame. Oh right, let's just turn into one automatically wow. This is da he's going so quick. What battles are you depressed about to change your wheel and on the push day, I'm knockin Lou? Are you serious? No, you playing master, no idea. I had no clue, they didn't look for the whole time. I'M done! I'M done. How do you look backward right a bit? I kept the fucking sticky lectern on wheels turn. Oh, the lady broch, you so you're moving there a bit action for me to fuck up dumb. No, you can yeah, you can go ahead yourself or nobody applying it wouldn't be so boring. I win I'll wear come on catch up. There you go, anyone is bringing alright, you need gun. Ah, you know what it needs to be: Mario Kart, the other way, like course, if you get so fast right, there cuz I'm a three-team in business. Where are you going girl a gimmick like a bitch yeah? Here with Australia, bitch to fuck outta here dirty fucking stop drifting off me Brock and your. Unless you get the drift, it's horseshit you get to draft. Let me address, you know: you're drafting, yeah, yes card, like man, that's what you get all right, the moon! It bullshit man, you guys in back, you get to draft off me, god, damn it, sir! Here we go Jesse. Why are fucking mistake? I get back under back flips. You can't do better. I'M a mile behind now come on baby. Oh you cook, like hot. I smear bad, we know, we know how you feel it's lockdown got it yeah all right. Hot clothes match my car Marco way, Knight Rider yeah, you didn't play the DLC with it, but I'm the only one that looks like it. Nobody tell Marcel he do it. Hey what nothing? Okay! What do want, okay to activate the job now aid to deploy a parachute? No! Stop it! No! But you fucking fuck! Oh okay! Here we go I'm on top, come on what I like to hear tell how you doing oh shut up. No laughs yeah, it's kind of like the car version of teabag. I fucking hate. You don't want to kill it. I want to stab you in your fucking head where your catch me. First, Oh make it. Oh yeah cuz, I'm here for this is like this is how you doing to watch. Wait. Oh fuck, I thought I fucked up, call a god damn it. What was I thinking? Wait. A figured. Is there two laps for this yeah yep? No map has been three to have in it so far. Ah, there's a second right dog Mac. I made it and I'm gon na fucking time again I'm going the wrong fuckin way or the yellow thing pull you down to make you faster make go faster. How I did yeah it's inspired by might have they slowed you down? Yeah we've been avoiding the yellow line, yeah entire car. Don'T think they pull you down today, maybe need you know they go over to do all I just went over. I don't ruin the long. Video don't slow you down, but I don't think they really speak. Love that collar about to win the game right now. Uh yeah! I don't know you don't know, okay, wait. How does about the Wayne fortune? Oh, almost a that's fuckin billboard, bullshit, almost puppy, billboard bullshit he'll go back in Dragon little boy, gibberish, fucking rekt, oh shit, yeah! I win. I know God work 3, oh yeah bitter. All right! Dub is good. I thought everybody, but myself yeah! That'S how you do it alright here we go. Oh hey know that we know the button is time, so you won't win by a mile yeah winner, fuckers, oh, come on you asshole, no more ramming, it's a cutting thing to do no more riding. He says. No. I am me, look at me. Come born. Oh City, baby, nozzle, horrible fuck, you happy! Oh yeah, you say we ride me. You, dumb bitch. I tried around you all period. Yes, you see. I was ranting it around. You tried to fucking hit me Auto, yellow the fucking hamster Pro tubes. I know what was fuck on a straight line coming for that booty. I know you will cuz you're just faster, because this game is stupid. Come on Brock, oh look at how much faster duty car! Oh! You know how I am look at this shit love it I'm in person. I just get to go to last place because beautiful kid, and because I got so much that he caught off the ramp. You guys are a football kill, the enemy water in the water in the water in the water. You guys yeah, oh yeah, yeah, oh oh bullshit dude, he was, he was light-years faster than you rock dude. It does what a bunch of horseshit what I got a second of rock with a fucking hit me. Why are the notes rising all the mountains rocks in it, man, I'm a free man. I couldn't have any that one can walk at my car. You better win. This got a fuck away I'd if I meant for everybody here in first, you got to just fucking slam on the brake whole problem. I'Ll do that I forgot to make it the Knight Rider car. Oh I jump. I thought was walking boot if not he's gon na come. Let'S not maybe you go faster, you jump in and pair you really got ta jump there nah it didn't pay off for a long time. I'M behind you guys mom all right. Tyler push me awesome. Bag. Doesn'T matter I'm going to lose, I just remember bumping in the back of you and you did the rest. Okay with my bad, you guys were right now tube to Brighton. I love to show too bright alone, Cafferty, that was your old fucking Wow yeah it'll. Even going into an attic that was my repairman that was over old school cause before I even do you guys existed true, not that I play with you tomorrow for three oh yeah one time, but I still didn't. I actually knew who you were. You were the only one out of that group. I knew who you were cause you play with the girl at one point, but I was on machinima. You guys remember they shit, oh yeah, yours really late rip off of another user yeah, you get it a lot! Better, oh, my really was in radio all-in-one radio fire bringing at all hours going to bump me off the map. The middle news purpose center great weirded. There is exactly how far how far I can throw faster. What do you want? You told you I talking Iran, you directly attack. What do you want me to do? No don't get R and in the back I want me to do. Try go around you. Then I go fly off the map. No, yes, replied thing to do. No good! You got ta hit him, nobody you got ta hit, though he got fucking. Alright fuck off Go. Go! Hey number! I don't know. He makes a pretty good argument as well. Yeah. You have money on me. Okay, you have money with me. Paypal money only Noah $ 20 PayPal, honey right now, you're here come on Kevin, you're, serious lobster. I can't I can't anyone, it wasn't. Yeah, I've got ta bump the shit out of you walking I'm gon na sabotage you later fucker, it's gone out: bitch wow you're, a real fuck at all, wait till I catch ow, you bitch boy, and when I do you're going to be on top of a Tube I'm gon na hit. You can't get me on top of no tube, no mo. Alright, you gon na, be all that too, but we shall see you buy that mister, Oh double he coming by here in south creep. Oh, Oh, a little bitch! Forgive me long ago, our homeland, it down Oh someone's, creepin up bout to get that flip screen. Here it comes Oh because God did not reverse all that is whores. Oh yeah, I'm, like 20 fucking seconds left. I want to break something you fucking whore. In my bones, you hand, Canada. I can't avoid you, oh yeah. You can't avoid him hard large. That seems familiar huh. What Umberto I hear, a fucking jack yeah he's a traitor, an asshole. Everybody know. How could this happen to me? Thank you. Mike Ortiz did a jump for no reason. I think, there's still time to catch Nolan fuck his bitch ass off the map. Oh yeah yeah, I think they're here, I'm oh yeah he's not got him, wait a second. Why did I lose a thousand cuz? You bet on me? Oh yeah forgot to say oh yeah, no just lyin Tony got to ram me. I said I got the fastest lap still

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